Sunday, 13 April 2014

NEW: #WaddleOnRadio website

Hi guys!

I wanted to tell you that the #WaddleOnRadio page is no longer available, and has been instead replaced with a new #WaddleOnRadio official website!

There I'll do all future posts and announcements to do with #WaddleOnRadio, and you may get behind the scenes stuff and more coming to it.

The website still is in development in some parts, so please don't take the version you see available as the "final version".

Hope you like it! And don't worry, normal posting to Club Penguin Opinion is unaffected. Also, did you know #WaddleOnRadio is on Facebook? go to

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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Is the Club Penguin app actually BAD for Club Penguin? Major improvement needed!

Club Penguin recently announced that it would be bringing the Club Penguin app to the iPhone and iPod, but one thing I'm actually concerned about is that I think it may be BAD for Club Penguin.

I'm sure everyone remembers that when my account got hacked, it was hacked through the Club Penguin app itself, and although the hacker has apologized and I agreed with him that no further action would be taken, I believe it may STILL be bad for Club Penguin.

The point of an iPhone or iPod is that it's portable and you can bring it around with you, for example, you could bring it to work, bring it when you're shopping or bring it when you're in a restaurant.
Whenever Club Penguin sees that an account is hacked, they see the I.P address it was hacked from. But what if someone hacked the account from a Starbucks in New York? (for example)
Thousands of people would be near there each day, so it would be almost impossible to tell who actually hacked the account, unless you were to take all their iPhones, iPads, iPods, etc. and poke around with the code in the app and risk destroying the chance for the app to work again just to work out who hacked who.

So to be honest, the club penguin app really isn't as safe as it is put out to be, and it takes development away from Club Penguin!
As the prehistoric party was a demonstration to, Club Penguin has had to recycle alot of it's old artwork, there is also evidence of this in Club Penguin Magazine, where once I saw a mixture of "old" art style penguins beside "new" art style penguins!

If you follow Spike Hike, Polo Field and other Club Penguin staff members on Twitter, you'll always hear them saying "This room is coming to Club Penguin!" "We're adding this to improve the Club Penguin app!", but you never hear them saying "We're designing a new party you guys are gonna love."

Club Penguin's parties have been on the downward spiral recently. The prehistoric party was essentially the same as last year (with the exception of Dino puffles), The Fair was too expensive and too centered. (don't get me started on The Daily Spin), and The Muppets World Tour was racist and poorly designed and the finale was as exciting as maths homework.

Club Penguin is trying the puffle party again as it seems to be one of Club Penguin's most popular parties, Club Penguin needs to stop "COMPLETE THE TASKS TO GET THE ITEMS" and "QUESTS" and "CLUB PENGUIN APP DEVELOPMENT", as
  1.  Little children are NOT interested in doing every activity at a party in one day just to earn an item
  2. You would eventually run out of ideas for Quests
  3. The app is unsafe and very easy for hackers to use to become untraceable.
 So major improvement is needed for Club Penguin to get better!

Do you agree? Do you have any other ways that Club Penguin could improve? Write to me in the comments section below!

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Wednesday, 9 April 2014


THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT POST! please read ALL information that follows.

The security company that controls over 2/3s of the internet (OpenSSL) has developed a major security bug!

The bug has been codenamed heartbleed, and allows hackers and attackers to gain access to the information given without leaving any trace on any traceable line. This has also been confirmed by independent security firms.

This affects any page with a http://s/ at the BEGINNING of it's link is at risk of this bug, and this included banking and money handling websites such as Paypal and your own online banking service (EG. Halifax). This also includes online games like Minecraft! This is MASSIVE issue.

 The problem has apparently been there for 2 years! So there's no telling what information could have been stolen! So this is a very SERIOUS issue and has created a large amount of leaks of personal information and it could affect anyone. Even the ones reading this information! And as I've previously mentioned, this is has been up for 2 years and could affect ANYONE and EVERYONE.

The firm has reccomended changing your password for EVERYTHING. Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, Minecraft... EVERY WEBSITE YOU'VE EVER MADE AN ACCOUNT ON!

In good news, a patch IS being developed and hopefully will be solved soon, but while we're waiting, changing your passwords is a good idea. This is a VERY SERIOUS situation.

All accounts are at risk of life! limb! liberty! and the persuit of happiness!!

If any new information is given, this blog will be updated A.S.A.P.

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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Ken Dodd - Sit in or Takeout?

♪♪ Yes he's everybody's Mr. Bad Guy!♪♪
Ken Dodd has been a problem in Club Penguin since he arrived. He seems to be one of the most popular members of the community, but as I always say...

"Never judge a book by it's cover"
-Red498, 2014

Ken Dodd has gathered a fan gathering that seems to be a little too much for the Club Penguin community to handle.
His fans are seemingly "intent" on protecting their loyal leader, who seems to think he is the bee's knees and the gift of pure happiness to Club Penguin. He is intent on remaining at the top of the tree that is Club Penguin bloggers and not afraid to fight his way to the top and do whatever evil acts necessary in order to get it.

Update on the account hack

Dear penguins.

The person who hacked my Club Penguin account has owned up and I have decided to be the bigger person and accepted their apology.

I will not name anyone, but I can say they are a good person to be able to own up to hacking my account. Although some damage was done that will take a while to reverse, it is nothing too serious and will be fixed in a few months time.

Thank you to that penguin.

Hopefully normal blogging feed will continue shortly.

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P.S: To protect identities of all involved, comments have been disabled on this post.