Friday, 18 July 2014

Some explainations

Hey everyone.

If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know that there was a slight drama with me, Fismr, DJ Stores and a number of others on our views on Gay rights.

First let me get the point across that I DO support gay rights, and I am rather anti-homophobic, however there were slight accusations that many were bringing other issues into the argument such as religion and race.

There was also accusations of my opinions being too strong, look, this is a blog called CP Opinion. If you dislike my opinions, then...

...Why the fudge do you read this blog?!

It's not rocket science, if you dislike my opinions, you don't have to read this blog. Some of the messages said about me were also unnecessary, uncalled for and seriously over the top. It was most certainly an unbalanced subject and most certainly escalated to the point where it turned into a full-scale community divide.

Some of the messages were, and I quote  

"Unfollow, block and report , most ignorant rude toad you will ever meet. Save yourself from his evil wrath"

And also

"I actually have began to find Red498's opinions a bit too strong. He needs to calm the f**k down.". 

I blocked and have reported the party that sent these messages which were really uncalled for, and have also sent a report to Club Penguin about an unrelated incident involving this party.

Additionally, the reason why the "Technical difficulties" messages were posted out alot yesterday, was that I was having some power issues on this end, which knocked out the internet, and I didn't want to disappoint any one who reads the blog or sees my tweets.

I wish to thank those who do enjoy reading my opinions and those who do not find my opinions are "OTT", and also those who continue to keep reading this blog, listening to #WaddleOnRadio, etc.

CP Opinion Blogger

"Your real friends stab you in the front, your fake friends stab you in the back." -Unknown

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Has The Penguin Cup left a terrible legacy?

With sports events such as the world cup and the 2012 Olympics, many penguins expected that the Penguin cup would leave a great legacy. However, it didn't really seem to do it.


Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Spam Protection #StahpTheSpam

Hi everyone!

Just a little reminder to you all that you may not use the contact box or my email to send spam/mean messages or otherwise to me or Awesome Productions. This also includes the same promotional "Hi Red498! Try this product!".

Any spam messages will be deleted and not read or replied to or acknowledged.

Thanks to all the people who have been sticking by the rules, for without you this blog would be nothing. I'll also be updating the CONTACT page very soon.

CP Opinion Blogger

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

DISCUSSION: Does CP support need major improvement? And does Spike Hike REALLY listen?

I recently emailed Club Penguin with some genuine suggestions for The Spoiler Alert, you know, to make it better for you and I and the rest of the community. However, the response I received back from Club Penguin was terrible, and really highlighted the opinion that nearly all of us have. That Club Penguin support is in need of major improvement, as they are beginning to not listen and just get stupider.

Here is the message I sent to Club Penguin: (click to enlarge)
And this was the terrible response I received back (click to enlarge)

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

NEW VIDEO: Red498CP Channel trailer

This will be running as an official YouTube ad, so if you see it, check it out!

CP Opinion Blogger